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Murder at the Manor – School Play

21 Jun 2018

The teachers have given up, and the students of Marsden High School are directing, producing and acting in a 1920s murder mystery - on their own...

What could go wrong?

The cast soldier on, ignoring crashing props, dodgy sets, overacting performers, and a tech crew who are more likely to electrocute the cast than illuminate them...

The play is a constant stream of physical comedy, farce, slapstick and sight gags, on a set that is unlikely to make it through the night intact.

So come along for a night of gleefully silly and wildly unpredictable slapstick, where the question is not whodunit, but whether anyone will survive the play with a remaining shred of sign dignity  



Wednesday 27 June 2018

Thursday 28 June 2018


Marsden High School

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