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About our school

Marsden High School is an inclusive and culturally diverse high school dedicated to offering quality teaching and learning experiences. We offer this through differentiated future focused curriculum, by incorporating technology into our lessons, engaging in community minded activities and providing challenging curricular and extracurricular activities. Our dedicated and professional teachers provide authentic leadership and support to motivate and empower each student to strive for excellence in a creative and collaborative environment.

Our school community advocates and values Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) and has an established and respected PB4L code in place to guide and encourage our students to continually achieve their best and improve both learning and social outcomes. This code is underscored by our guiding principles ­­— Cooperate, Achieve and Respect Every Day (CARE). CARE cultivates a positive, safe and amicable environment to enhance twenty first century learning through creative and critical thinking and collaboration. CARE rewards and celebrates student success and works to instil a positive growth mindset to ensure each student gains success and purpose. 

It is therefore our vision to create a thriving school environment that CARE’s about all aspects of our students' lives and facilitates both academic and personal success. 

Achievements and media

Marsden High School is always proud of our students and staff. Here are some of our achievements and highlights.

Student Brandyn Gaskill's High achievments in CrossFit. Brandyn Gaskill To Talke On World's Best.

Year 11 student Michelle Bang puts herself to glory on the Aussie golfing circuit.

Marsden High School students Elena and Erissa Tan featured for the James Martin Children's Walk.

Another successful HSC year in 2019

Marsden High School celebrates 60 years

Marsden High shaping educational journeys

Sydney Morning Herald - 'Is anyone not nervous': the challenges of sitting HSC exams at 13

The Weekly Times - Marsden High School celebrates International Women's Day (PDF 7222KB)

The Weekly Times - Education of the Future at Marsden High School (PDF 6262KB)

The Weekly Times - Celebrating Top Achievers Awards for Marsden High Students (PDF 7468KB)

The Weekly Times - Marsden's annual 'Battle of the Primary Schools' Dance Eisteddfod (PDF 6166KB)

The Northern Times - Sydney FC visit Marsden High School

News article - Good schools are our best kept secret (PDF 184KB)

Marsden High School students' trip to Medowbank TAFE in Bridge to Employment (PDF 3251KB)

Marsden High School students build a World cup robot (PDF 1144KB)

Student Alex Wood and the Marsden High Schools talented sport program (PDF 242KB)

Police give advice to students during their police visit (PDF 650KB)

Diversity in food on show at Marsfest (PDF 513KB)

Police discuss safety with students (PDF 1025KB)

To view more of our students achievements please follow us at @MarsdenHS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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