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Scholarships and awards

Our students can take advantage of several scholarship and award opportunities.

Marsden Scholarships 

Each year Marsden High School offers a variety of scholarships to students in years 7 to 12. These scholarships cater to the many different talents and interests of our students and include not only Academic Scholarships for those with a demonstrated strong academic record but also for subjects such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Creative and Performing Arts and Sports.

Many of our scholarships are funded through our philanthropic community and the generosity of our Parents and Citizens Association. 

For further information regarding the Marsden Scholarships Program please download the overview and application forms below.

Scholarship Applications for 2024 close on Friday 27 October 2023.


Scholarships Overview and Application Forms

Please read the Scholarships Overview 2024 (PDF 410KB) for all the details on the Marsden Scholarships Program, including types of scholarships, eligibility, processes and conditions.

The following links are the application forms for each of the available scholarships.

P&C High Achiever Scholarships

There are a number of P&C scholarships available for high achieving students:

High Achiever Transition Scholarship (PDF 267KB)

High Achiever Focus Scholarship - Academic (PDF 269KB)

High Achiever Focus Scholarship - Creative and Performing Arts (PDF 273KB)

High Achiever Focus Scholarship - Sport (PDF 268KB)

High Achiever Focus Scholarship - STEM (PDF 255KB)


Marsden High Potential Transition Scholarship

Marsden High School offers one scholarship to a student transitioning to high school (Year 7 2024), who exhibits perseverance and commitment to learning and the potential to achieve good results with scholarship assistance.

MHS High Potential Transition Scholarship (PDF 281KB)


John Tuckerman Scholarship

John Tuckerman was a student of Marsden High School in its early years. He was a dedicated student and also a keen cricketer. John came from a family who struggled financially and became a successful stockbroker. He wants to give something back to his school by giving scholarships to students. 

John Tuckerman Junior Scholarship (PDF 243KB)

John Tuckerman Senior Scholarship (PDF 274KB)


Joan and David Williams Scholarship

Mr Kim Williams is an ex-student of Marsden High School. Mr Williams generously wants to give something back to his school by awarding scholarships to two students to assist with their education. The scholarships are named in honour of his parents, Joan and David Williams, who strongly supported the development of Marsden High School during the 1960’s. 

Joan and David Williams ROSA Scholarship (PDF 223KB)

Joan and David Williams HSC Scholarship (PDF 222KB)


Barry Thomas O'Grady Scholarship

Mr O'Grady was a student of Marsden High School who generously wanted to give something back to his school by awarding a scholarship to a student to assist with their education. The scholarship is designed to reward a student that works hard but is experiencing financial hardship that may prevent them from achieving thier full potential.

Barry Thomas O'Grady Scholarship (PDF 303KB)



NSW School Nanga Mai Awards

The Nanga Mai Awards are an annual event organised by Aboriginal Education and Communities Directorate. The awards recognise and celebrate innovation, excellence and educational achievement in Aboriginal education in NSW public schools, school communities and department directorates.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

This Premier’s Reading Challenge encourages students from Kindergarten to Year 9 to develop a love of reading and plays an important role in developing literacy.

Premier’s Debating Challenge

The Premier’s Debating Challenge is open to students from Year 5 to 12. Teams compete in a round robin series of debates against other schools. The winners go on to compete at regional and state level to determine the eventual state champion.

Public speaking competitions

The Arts Unit offers public speaking competitions for NSW school students. Each competition is a great opportunity for students to develop their speech-writing and presentation skills while representing their schools in a state-wide competition.

Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarships

The Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarships are an opportunity to visit significant overseas sites associated with Australia’s participation in war for Years 10 and 11 students in selected schools.

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Australia

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Australia provides an internationally recognised, self-development program for people aged 14 to 25. The program equips young people with the opportunity to undertake a variety of voluntary and challenging activities.