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Junior course

Year 7 English

This course lays the foundations for the years ahead. Students will focus on NAPLAN strategies, autobiographies, wide reading and Journal Writing, critical analysis of a novel, poetry and picture book study.

Year 8 English

Focus on media, critical study of a non-fiction text and Book Expo. Students will develop a writing folio (over a term) presented in print or digital form to explore a novel; this will form the basis of their expo display.  Items included in the folio are a number of Blooms activities involving all aspects of differentiated approaches to learning. Parents are encouraged to watch students "sell" their novel to all the visitors on the Book Expo day. Cultural perspectives through poetry and Shakespeare are also explored.

Year 9 English

Year 9 is an exciting program entailing, dystopian fiction study, NAPLAN strategies, critical study of a novel, film study, Shakespeare and appropriation.

Year 10 English

Year 10 is an intensive program, preparing students for senior study. Crime fiction, Shakespeare, contemporary poetry and documentary analysis as well as preparation for exams involve critical thought to help students to practice for preliminary exams.