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Our school motto, 'Learning For Life' says a lot about how we approach education at Marsden High School.  We take the view that every student can succeed with the right kind of support and with the right opportunities.  We are fortunate to have a skilled, experienced and enthusiastic teaching staff.  They bring out the best in students and are focused on the development of the whole student. This equips them with a range of skills that will support them in learning for life. 

We are a futures focused school that strives to equip our students with the skills, qualities and an outlook that will enable them to successfully navigate life in a rapidly changing global environment.  This includes multiple literacies in both traditional and emerging areas.  Fundamental literacy in English language and mathematics remain critical and essential.  Developing an understanding of our rights and responsibilities as citizens of the world are all vital in the emerging future. By developing skills in  eco literacy, cyber literacy, social  literacy, media literacy, financial literacy and physical fitness and health literacies, young people will be well placed to meet future challenges.

As well as developing the mind, we view it very important that all students have a range of learning opportunities that will enhance their interaction with their world and develop enjoyment and allow them to shine.  We are a well-rounded school that offers diverse learning opportunities to all students.  This includes participation in cocurricular and extracurricular opportunities such as sport, cultural activities including the arts, excursions, competitions, school events and activities.  Marsden High School prides itself on the diversity of learning opportunity; our links with our partner primary schools, business and learning community partners and our local community. We offer a wide ranging and innovative curriculum that enables students to have a lot of choice in their learning. This helps students to be more engaged in their own learning

I invite you to come to Marsden High School and talk to us about the opportunities that we can offer your child.

Lance Berry