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What we offer

Each school in NSW offers something slightly different depending on the community. Here's what we offer for you.

Marsden High School provides exceptional educational opportunities for Years 7 to 12 students in a challenging and inclusive learning environment. All students are valued and respected as individuals. Our wellbeing, engagement and leadership programs encourage students to celebrate their differences, develop resilience and confidence, as well as collaboratively work together to innovate and create solutions. 

As a school we:

  • are committed to the provision of effective learning in a caring, safe, supportive and cooperative environment;
  • value and respect the individuality and talents of each student
  • have high expectations and are committed to academic, sporting and cultural excellence;
  • seek to develop self-esteem and positive attitudes and ensure that each student is empowered to reach their potential;
  • encourage tolerance and harmony through the development and understanding of belonging, community and diverse cultures. 

Marsden has an experienced and highly dedicated staff with a strong ethos of collaboration, professional leaning and continuous school improvement, as well as a genuine commitment to increase student development of literacy, numeracy, critical thinking and information and communication technology skills. Additionally we have a targeted importance placed upon enrichment, student engagement, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), creative and performing arts (CAPA), leadership and sport.

Our school offers an extensive curriculum catering for students aspiring to post-school studies and work, incorporating extension English, mathematics and history, All learning programs are supported by our Learning Support and Wellbeing, Transition/Careers, PB4L, Technology, Literacy/Numeracy, Project Based Learning, STEM and Pinnacle teams. Our student mentoring, wellbeing and vocational programs are also well supported through our partnerships with Macquarie University and a number of community and industry groups. 

We know that your child will benefit from learning in this outstanding environment that celebrates and rewards personal success and enables them to achieve their very best