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Parenting and teenage wellbeing

For more information on Parenting and teenage wellbeing, we have complied a list of helpful articles for your perusal.  

A Parent's Role in their Child's Educatio (PDF 4433KB) - Parental encouragement and support for learning activities at home combined with parental involvement in schooling is critical to children’s education.

Building Positive Relationships with Teachers (PDF 4438KB) - Positive parent-school communications benefit parents and teachers. The manner in which schools communicate and interact with parents and vice-versa affects the extent and quality of parents’ home involvement with their children’s learning.

Building Responsibility (PDF 4432KB) - A responsible character is made up of our outlook and daily habits associated with feelings, thoughts, and actions

Building Self-Esteem and Ensuring my Child's Wellbeing (PDF 4434KB) - Here are some easy ways to help instill self-esteem in your child

Communicating Expectations to Teenagers (PDF 4432KB) - One of the things that define the teenage years for many parents is difficulty with boundaries and discipline. Teenagers are eager to assert their independence, and this can often conflict with the rules you’ve set for your family. Dealing positively with these conflicts is important and will set a good example for your teen as he or she matures into adulthood. 

Creating the Right Environment for Learning at Home (PDF 4441KB) - Parents can support and encourage their children’s successful learning by helping them create a positive study environment. Here are some of the ideas we give to parents.

Helping with Homework and Study (PDF 4444KB) - Guide your child to do their homework using these tried and tested questions.

Helping Your Teenager make Responsible Choice (PDF 4436KB) - Throughout their teenage years, your child will be confronted with many difficult situations where choosing to make a safe and healthy decision may not be the easiest – or most obvious – thing to do. 

Effective Parenting Styles (PDF 4435KB) - Looking for the best parenting style to build a positive relationship with your child? Here’s a summary of three different parenting styles that may help you reflect on your relationship with your child. 

Screen Time is Making Kids Moody, Crazy and Lazy (PDF 4470KB) - 6 Ways Electronic Screen Time Makes Kids Angry, Depressed and Unmotivated.

How Smart Phones Can Worsen Blue Feelings (PDF 4441KB) - People who swap electronic interaction for the real-life human kind find little if any satisfaction, a new study finds.

Setting Limits For My Teenager (PDF 4441KB) - As parents, we expect to keep a close eye on our infants and young children to care for them and keep them safe. As our children grow into teenagers, they gain a great deal of independence. That is a normal part of growing up. So, it’s easy for us to believe that there is less need to pay close attention to our teens. But in order to keep them healthy, we must still keep tabs on them, set rules, and help them learn how to protect themselves.