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Senior course

Stage 6 English is the only compulsory subject for the HSC. Students at Marsden can select one of four different two-unit options depending on their interest and ability.

Two unit courses 

Advanced English

Advanced is an academically demanding course designed for students who enjoy English and are interested in challenging their knowledge and understanding of the ways texts reveal the how composers are influenced by the world around them. 

The preliminary advanced course allows students to look at the journey of the individual through in the poetry, the use of propaganda to achieve power in V for Vendetta and Animal Farm, and the demise of the tragic hero in Othello. In the HSC students study the enduring relevance of Shakespeare, the ways in which texts connect, and the representation of relationships between people and the world around them.

If you are a critical thinker, avid reader and excellent writer, this is the course for you.

English as a second language

The ESL English course is designed for students who are relatively new to the English language. It allows students to develop their language skills whilst engaging with a variety of texts exploring concepts as diverse as 'discovery' and our place within the community. Students who wish to undertake this course must meet English language instruction requirements.

Standard English

The most popular of the senior courses across NSW, Standard English allows students to engage with a variety of texts in different forms; poetry, drama, film and novels. Students studying this course are offered a diverse range of perspectives on the world around them and the ways in which people respond to different situations. Students will have the opportunity to explore real events and their portrayal in drama, the world of fantasy, and how we come to discover ourselves and the world around us through personal journeys.

English studies

For those who aren't looking to receive an ATAR, English Studies offers an alternative to the Standard course. Students look at the use of language in the work place and how people use language to express themselves as part of a cultural or social group through various texts such as song lyrics, short stories and advertising.

One unit courses

Fundamentals of English

For students who are relatively new to the study of English or for those who would like some more support in how to structure responses, Fundamentals offers students an opportunity to develop their writing skills in a variety of forms for different purposes. Preliminary only.

Extension one (preliminary and HSC)

Love English? Want the chance to explore a style of writing or genre in great depth? Extension One is for you. Here you will have the opportunity to explore a genre of writing in great detail. From political fiction to representations of social anxiety during the Cold War, this course is ideal for Advanced students who want to take their studies of English further.

Extension two - HSC only (preliminary extension is a prerequisite)

Extension Two is ideal for students who wish to explore a concept and bring it to fruition in the shape of a major work in the form of their own choosing; poetry, script, short narrative, critical response. This is an excellent choice for students who are motivated and interested in a genre, style or aspect of language.