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2 unit personal development , health and physical education

General Information

This course deals with a wide range of issues from the Health, Personal Development and Physical Education areas. It combines rigorous academic study with practical application. As students are confronted by particular PDHPE issues, they are challenged to examine them in socially imaginative ways and respond in terms of individual plans, lifestyle decisions and clarification of values. The syllabus gives emphasis to the development of those skills that enable students to translate knowledge, understanding and beliefs into action. To excel in this demanding course you will need to have well-developed research skills, or at least the willingness to develop them. Given the in-depth nature of the course, you will need effective time-management skills to achieve at a high level. You will be expected to complete a range of extended responses as part of this course and so a willingness to develop such skills is a must for those of you considering undertaking this course.

What will I be doing in this course?

Preliminary course

Core strands (70% total)

  • Meanings of Health and Physical Activity
  • Better Health for Individuals
  • The Body in Motion

Options (30% total)

And two of the following options:

  • First Aid
  • Composition and Performace
  • Fitness Choices
  • Outdoor Recreation

HSC course

Core strands (60% total)

  • Health Priorities in Australia
  • Factors Affecting Performance

Options (40% total)

And two of the following options:

  • The Health of Young People
  • Sport and Physical Activity in Australian Society
  • Sports Medicine
  • Improving Performance
  • Equity and Health

How will this course help me in the future?

Undertaking this course will provide foundation studies for those students with a special or vocational interest in human movement, and individual and community health issues. The course would be of great benefit to anyone wishing to take up a career in any of the sport sciences, nursing, coaching or physical education teaching.