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Year 9-10 physical activity sport studies

The Physical Activity Sport Studies (PASS) program is a two year elective subject for students in Years 9 and 10. This subject allows students with an interest in physical activity to deepen their knowledge and skills further than the PDHPE compulsory course. PASS encourages students to be involved in new and different sports encouraging them to apply their skills and thinking in a new way. The information that students learn in theory are applied to practical lessons giving them a strong foundation of knowledge and a real-life basis for what they are learning.

The curricular programs are developed for students that are interested in all areas of physical activity and sports studies. The resources are based on current information and engage students learning to promote order thinking. Technology is used to critically analyse results that students create in classs and individual research will be a skill needed throughout the course.

The PASS theory program explores the body in motion developing a thorough knowledge of how the human body works, nutrition and physical fitness and analysing information for athletes and coaching and event management which teaches them to develop skills in leadership and teamwork. The course also looks at lifestyle and recreation identifying trends over the years and predicting for the future and recognising and analysing the Australian sporting culture. The practical program includes new games such as european handball, futsul, ultimate frisbee as well as fitness testing, in class challenges, outdoor education and coaching/event program development.

Extra curricular activities are a part of the learning and application of the course and give students many new opportunities that other subjects are unable to offer. These may include:

  • Coaching Courses
  • PASS Camp
  • Talented Sports Program and more