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Important Information | Stranger Danger

13 Mar 2019

Dear parents/ guardians and students:

Please be aware we had an incident reported to us this morning which occurred yesterday afternoon involving female students whilst walking along Andrew St, Cobham Ave and Taylor Ave Melrose Park. The students were heading back to school after sport at about 2.30pm. The car was described as a black 5 seater Mazda, the male was described as having black hair and a beard, aged over thirty, having a Mediterranean appearance and wearing black clothing. The man was described as following the female students back and forth in his car. It seems he has done this before, though it wasn’t reported until this morning. The school have involved Eastwood LAC. 

Please be mindful when walking to or from school - do not walk on your own and ensure you and your friend have a mobile phone with you. For the time being if you have to walk on your own please let Mrs Currie, Ms Koufos or Mr Wilson know before leaving school grounds.

NSW Police advise the following:

  • Make sure your parents or another adult you know is aware of where you are at all times. Always walk straight home or to the required destination. Walk near busier roads and streets, or use paths where there are a lot of other people. 
  • Know where safe places are – a shop, service station, police station, library or school. If you are frightened, you should go to one of these places and ask them to call the police.
  • Learn about safe adults you can look for and talk to if you need help – police officers, teachers at school, adults you know and trust.
  • Don’t talk to people you don’t know and never get into a car with someone you don’t know. If a car stops on the side of the road and you don’t know the person inside, do not stop.
  • If you are scared and can use a phone, call Triple Zero (000) and tell them you are scared.
  • If someone tries to grab you, yell out, ‘Go away, I don’t know you!’
  • This lets other people know you have been approached by someone you don’t know.

Kind regards

Lance Berry


March 13 2019